Minutive, Vol. 48: Google Clickthrough Behavior, Branded Searches, and More.

March 20th • No Comments

The State of Searcher Behavior Revealed Through 23 Remarkable Statistics MOZ.COM The entire study is worth a read. While I’ve been emphasizing this scenario in presentations for the last 2-3 years, I now have a statistic to go with it: 57.1% of Google searches on mobile result in no click at all. Given the prevalence …

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Minutive, Vol. 47: Are Words the New Links?, Mobile Page Speed, and More.

March 13th • No Comments

Are Words the New Links? blumenthals.com Inspired by our conclusion from our recent StreetFight conversation that the concept of a “citation” needs to evolve, Mike Blumenthal lays out his theory of Entity Authority and absolutely nails it, IMO. Mobile page speed is important, but not (yet) for SEO The definitive answer to the question of …

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Minutive, Vol. 46: Local Engagement, Overnight Ranking Increases, and Entity Authority

March 6th • No Comments

This week's edition features David's theory on the future of local ranking factors, two conversations with Mike Blumenthal, and a "new" program from Google that enables more on-SERP transactions.

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Minutive, Vol. 45: A Special Edition

February 27th • No Comments

Tidings Officially Launches! I’m excited to announce the launch of Tidings, a SaaS product that automatically generates perfectly-branded email newsletters for small businesses.

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Tidings Launches.

February 23rd • 7 Comments

I'm excited to announce the launch of Tidings, a SaaS product that automatically generates perfectly-branded email newsletters for small businesses.

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44: Voice Search Popularity, Payments, and More.

February 20th • No Comments

How popular is Voice Search? HIGHER VISIBILITY Higher Visibility surveyed 2000 individuals to find out how popular Voice Search is today. Looking at the heavy usage “while driving,” it’s not hard to predict a significant impact on Local Search. A companion to the excellent survey from Stone Temple a couple of weeks ago. Customers want …

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Minutive, Vol. 43: A New Knowledge Panel Test, Snapchat’s Ad API, and More.

February 6th • No Comments

Google Testing New Local Knowledge Panel Call to Action BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL I’m not entirely sure what to make of this test, as it seems at odds with the Knowledge Panel’s focus on structured data that consumers find valuable. Perhaps it represents the last remnants of the Google+ team still fighting for political relevance within …

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Minutive, Vol. 42: Apple’s Voice Position, Mailchimp’s Facebook Integration, and More.

January 30th • No Comments

The biggest story that caught my eye this week happened over the weekend, and it's not possible for me to go on with "business-as-usual" with this week's newsletter. The president's repugnant Executive Order effectively restricting entry into this country on the basis of religion is antithetical to our national values, and makes a mockery of the American Dream he pretends to champion.

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Minutive, Vol. 41: What Consumers Want from Voice, An Amazon Follow-Up, and More.

January 23rd • No Comments

Featuring an exceptionally-interesting survey from Eric Enge of Stone Temple, David's latest StreetFight conversation with Mike Blumenthal, and other various and sundry items of interest.

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Minutive, Vol. 40: The GMB API (finally), Rand’s SEO Predictions, and More.

January 17th • No Comments

A long-awaited feature in Google My Business, thoughts from one of the leading voices in the SEO industry, and the benefits of in-market brand marketing are just some of the topics covered this week.

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