Minutive, Vol. 39: The Amazon Issue.

January 9th • No Comments

It was hard to avoid Amazon's headlines this week. Sure, part of it was the PR around the Consumer Electronics show, but most of it is the convergence of years of work and thinking that have gone into Amazon's Alexa strategy. If you don't have a strategy FOR Alexa, it's time to start thinking about out.

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Minutive, Vol. 38: The SMB Analytics “Market” for VSB’s & SMB’s, Top 2017 Predictions, and More.

January 3rd • No Comments

Is There an SMB Analytics Market? And If So, What Should It Measure? BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY Mike and I resume our bi-weekly conversation series on StreetFight with this discussion of what analytics should matter to (very) small businesses, and whether this is even an addressable market for analytics vendors. LSA 2017 Predictions …

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Minutive, Vol. 37: The Year in Review

December 26th • No Comments

Included in this issue are your 7 favorites from the last year. Collectively, they provide a remarkably accurate core narrative of where things stand at the end of 2016--you guys are pretty smart!

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The Local Marketing Stack

Minutive, Vol. 36: The Marketing Stack for Local Businesses, How Mobile Is Eating the World, and More.

December 19th • No Comments

Sequencing the Local Marketing Stack BY YOURS TRULY I released this graphic last week to help small business owners understand prioritization and integration of the myriad digital media options being marketed to them today. Building the Essential Digital Marketing Bundle for Local Businesses BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY In a related story, Mike Blumenthal …

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Minutive, Vol. 35: David’s 2017 Local Marketing Predictions, Digital Assistant Integrations, And More.

December 12th • No Comments

My 2017 Local Marketing Predictions: Part I, Search BY YOURS TRULY From my vantage point, 2017 has all the makings of a tipping point of sorts in local search. Google’s increased monetization and the decrease in available organic real estate — two of the primary themes you’ve seen me highlight in this newsletter each week …

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