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The Difference-Making Local Ranking Factor of 2020

February 22nd • 19 Comments

The power of links as difference-makers will fade over time as Google is able to ingest a broader range of engagement signals. David shares his theory on what will replace them.

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2017 Local Marketing Predictions: Part I, Search

December 5th • 16 Comments

This year's predictions are based on the extended analysis of the local search space I did during my time away from the industry in 2016. While they're less conservative than those I've made in previous years, my only real hesitation is whether they'll come true in 2017, or it might be 2018-19 before we really start to see their effects.

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2017 Local Marketing Predictions: Part II, Beyond Search

December 4th • 11 Comments

As you know from Part I of this year's predictions, I'm a little bearish on search as a universally successful, universally cost-effective marketing channel moving forward. Here are some thoughts on what we might see in adjacent markets in 2017.

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