About Tidings

We help small businesses make the most of the time, money, and effort they spend on digital media.


Tidings builds great email newsletters automatically, using just your Facebook Page and your existing email service provider.

We pull in content you’ve already shared on social media, augment it with popular recent stories in your industry, and reformat for your subscribers’ inboxes in a beautiful, mobile optimized template. You can also save additional stories simply and easily with our browser extensions (Chrome and Firefox) or iOS app.

Our one-click integration with popular email providers like Sendgrid and Mailchimp means there’s absolutely no code to fiddle with — you’ll go from sign-up to sending your first newsletter in under 10 minutes.

If you’ve ever had trouble coming up with what to write about in your email marketing campaigns, Tidings is the product for you. Send an engaging email newsletter in no time flat, and stay top of mind with your clients. Plans start as low as $24/mo.

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