Looks like we couldn’t find that Facebook Page :/

It’s possible your Page is restricted by country or age–which means it’s not available in some Facebook search results.

To check your Page’s settings, visit https://www.facebook.com/{yourpageusernamehere}/settings/ and ensure that your page is visible and shown to everyone, like the screenshot below:

Then, return here to create your first newsletter!



Don’t yet have a Facebook Page?

To create one, first search for your business to make sure there aren’t any out there already:

If there are no results that look like you,

  1. click this link and you’ll be on your way to creating a Page!
  2. Select Local Business as your page type and use the best photos you’ve got to represent your business.

If there are results for your business:

  1. Choose the closest one
  2. Click the link that asks, “Is this your business?”
  3. Go through the claiming process
  4. Return here to create your first newsletter!