Including Alternate Articles

Where These Articles Come from

We surface any article that you’ve published on your Facebook page within the last 45 days in your article queue. (Articles you’ve already shared in previous newsletters are excluded.)

Additional articles are suggested by our proprietary algorithm, which looks at the authority and topical relevance of the article’s source, the popularity of and engagement with a the article based on publicly-available data, and your own preferences, among other signals.

Viewing an Article

The will reveal the excerpt of the article, and the icon will take you to the article itself.

Adding an Article

To add a story from this section to your newsletter, just drag and drop it from your queue into your newsletter.  (Mouse over, or press down on mobile devices, the article and you’ll see a icon appear.)

You’ll be able to change its position, edit its title, and edit its excerpt once you’ve dragged it into your newsletter.

Demoting an Article

Easily sift through our recommended articles by demoting the ones you’re not interested in. If you don’t like a particular article, simply click the  icon at the bottom right and we’ll move it to the bottom of the list.

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