How to Connect Your Facebook Page to Our Newsletter App

The whole process takes only a few seconds to complete but there are a few screens involved. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you a preview of what to expect.

Continue with Facebook
First, click the ‘Continue with Facebook’ button on our onboarding page.

Facebook Sign In Verification
(If you’re not yet logged in, Facebook will first ask you to do so.) Once logged in, this will lead you to a Facebook screen verifying that you’re attaching the account you intended to our app. If your name looks correct, click the Continue as {Your Name} button.

Choose Facebook Page
Next, you’ll see a list of all Pages on which you’re a manager or admin. Facebook asks you to confirm the Page you want to use with our app. Select your Page and click Next. (Most of you are probably only a manager or admin on a single Page, but for those of you that manage multiple Pages, feel free to select as many or as few as you like.)

Facebook Page Permissions Approval
The next screen asks you to enable us to receive your Page’s basic information and Posts via Manage Pages. (For public Pages, these rights were previously available to anyone but are now only available to apps that explicitly receive this permission.) Keep this permission enabled and click Done.

Facebook Page Linked Confirmation
Facebook then confirms the link between your Page and our app. Click OK to return to our app.

Facebook Page Selector
If you only selected a single page in Step Three above, you’ll return to our app and see your newsletter in just a few seconds. For those of you that selected multiple pages, we ask you to associate a single page with your account. Once you’ve chosen it, click Build My Newsletter, and you’ll be off to the races!

What if I’ve already connected my page to your service?

In early 2020, Facebook changed the way apps like ours access Page content.

If you want to continue to power your newsletter via Facebook, you should proceed with the steps above to continue to power your newsletter via Facebook. You can get the process started from your Account Settings page on the Connected Accounts tab.

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