Editing Your Subject Line

At the risk of stating the obvious, this is what your newsletter recipients will see when your email shows up in their inbox.

There’s no magic formula for subject lines, but we recommend following our “A-B-C-D” mantra:

  • Authentic: The subject line should sound like YOU wrote it, not some trendy guru.
  • Branded: Mailchimp actually found that branded subject lines were among the best performers out of 40 million emails analyzed. Even an unopened email can have bottom-line benefits for your brand.
  • Consistent: The more consistent you keep at least some portion of your subject line from week-to-week, the more familiar with you (and your thought leadership) your subscribers are going to be.
  • Descriptive: Just about the worst thing you can do with a newsletter headline is bait-and-switch your subscribers. Keep your newsletter headline focused on the actual content they can expect to read when they open it or scroll down.

To optimize recipient experience, we automatically sync your Subject Line and the headline of your newsletter, so if you make a change in either place, the other will be updated accordingly.

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