SMB Sales: Go With SEO For the Margins, Social Media for The Easy Pickup, Websites for The Platform


Peter Krasilovsky highlights this presentation from Boostability at the recently-concluded Borrell conference.

While I question their margin and lifetime value assessments, the way they’re approaching their service bundle and the criteria they’re evaluating (great last-slide summary) is insightful. I commend them for sharing this information publicly.

Look for a follow-up post from me later this month with my own take on this table.

Local Search Hacks You Probably Haven’t Seen Before


I wasn’t in attendance, sadly, but this local SEO deck from Darren Shaw is more chock-full of tactics than just about any I’ve ever seen. I was aware of almost all of these but kudos to Darren for bringing them all into one place. A must-view and must-bookmark for any agency in the weeds with Local.

Amazon Takes Fresh Stab at $16 Billion Housekeeping Industry


Obviously Amazon is not just going to cede the Local Service ad market to Google. What’s particularly interesting is that instead of vetting and verifying third-party providers, Amazon is hiring their service workers as employees.

It’ll be fascinting to watch whether one model succeeds over the other in the next few years.

What’s clear is that both companies are focused on a voice-first future that commoditizes local service brands.

Square Appointments Free for Small Merchants


Square is similarly trying to expand into the service market by freemium-izing appointment booking. Their full product suite is compelling and particularly for high-dollar service professionals, I see free appointments as a great place to start.

A Look at Customer Reviews on Local Services Ads


Tom Waddington reports that Google combines Local Services ads and Google My Business reviews to generate the rating and review count that appears on a Local Services ad.

The reviews that a business received through LSA, however, do not appear on or impact the rating and review count on a GMB listing. (At least yet.)

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