Local Merchants Highly Dependent on Social Media at Time of Uncertainty for Platforms

Source: streetfightmag.com

Social has consistently been rated the top channel in terms of both performance and investment for several years. David Card rightly notes this may be problematic as social platforms become more pay-to-play and more fragmented.

The most important nugget of this study, though, might be buried in a secondary graphic: the position of SEO in the mix of channels that SMBs rate as effective. It’s dropped 2 spots and 25% from 2015 to 2017, and is now rated behind Direct Mail (!).

This should be a major red flag for anyone whose agency business is exclusively dependent on SEO as a channel. Granted it’s a single point right now, and we all know SEO still holds great value for SMBs. But if this trend continues, agencies who don’t diversify their offerings may face increasingly difficult sales conversations and higher churn rates.

How to Adapt Your Service Offerings to the Modern Digital Landscape

Source: tidings.com

Perhaps not coincidentally, here’s my advice on just how to diversify 🙂 A condensed/combined version of multiple presentations I’ve given over the last couple of months.

New Report: The Future of SMB Websites as ‘Local Data Hubs

Source: www.lsainsider.com

I agree wholeheartedly with the positioning of this new whitepaper from the LSA and Mono Solutions.

I’ve had multiple conversations over the past several months advocating that in Google’s eyes, the ideal website of the future is really a JSON or XML feed. Your website is primarily a data source, no longer necessarily a destination.

While Mono sells websites, the whitepaper is well-balanced, and the authors admit that one of the best “selling points” for a website is that it’s still the place customers check after reading reviews…but at a declining rate.

Square to Acquire Weebly for $365 Million

Source: www.businesswire.com

This is big news no matter what part of the local ecosystem you operate in.

Square already had one of the most compelling, complete marketing stacks for local businesses prior to this acquisition — which apparently came at a bargain relative to Weebly’s most recent valuation.

WordPress still dwarfs Weebly’s 625,000 customers in terms of adoption, those of you who focus on marketing for the retail segment may increasingly need to familiarize yourselves with Weebly/Square’s offering.

Lessons Learned from Vox Media’s Newsletter Growth Lead

Source: explore.reallygoodemails.com

A great read on how newsletters build brand affinity and drive direct traffic for some of the largest brands in media — particularly those which are well-segmented.

Interested in offering email marketing to your clients? Check out our White Label Agency Platform, with plans as low as $7/client.

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