How Much Money Can You Make with the Tidings Agency Platform?


We’ve reconfigured our Agency Platform to make it even more profitable to offer email marketing to your clients.

$77/mo. gets you your first 7 client accounts, with clients beyond that just $7/mo. And, we’ve built a handy profit calculator to help you project financials specifically for your agency.

Especially if you’re already posting on social media on behalf of your clients, we hope this new configuration makes adding Tidings to your offerings a no-brainer.

How Businesses Find the Best SEO Companies


Couple of interesting data points in this Clutch survey of 300 SMBs. Of particular note is the average budget (under $5,000/mo.) for 7/10 businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

The Bifurcation of the Local SEO Services Market


A red flag for agencies is that there’s less-and-less value to be added in the typical SEO package for the exact segment where most SMBs are spending according to Clutch’s data.

It’s one of the reasons I feel so strongly that SMB-oriented SEO agencies need to start offering email (among other services) in order to maintain their profit margins and prevent clients from churning.

Mike Blumenthal and I discuss this market shift in our latest Streetfight conversation.

Running an Agency


One of the best evergreen pieces I’ve ever seen on how to maintain your sanity and grow your business at the same time. It’s written with agencies in mind but a lot of Julian’s advice can/should apply to other kinds of businesses.

Square’s Acquisition of Weebly and The Battle for the Modern Merchant


I always enjoy reading Mark MacLeod’s thoughts on the SMB space. He notes that while the largest technology players are starting to solve integrated websites and payments, they’re still not tackling customer acquisition or CRM for the most part.

These are areas for you as an agency to help bring your clients along — particularly if they’ve already started their technology stack with one of the best-of-breed companies Mark highlights.

Interested in offering email marketing to your clients? Check out our White Label Agency Platform, with plans as low as $7/client.

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