Become Your Market’s Storyteller 


H/t to fellow Local U faculty member Matt McGee on this one. It’s just an incredible, creative piece of content marketing.

Amazingly this is an in-house marketing project, but there’s no reason agencies couldn’t help higher-budget clients execute a similar campaign.

(Matt and I are both speaking to an audience of Realtors in the Dallas metro area tomorrow, along with Joy Hawkins and Will Scott.)

Case study: Small business content marketing success


This isn’t necessarily an earth-shattering case study for Agency Insiders, but I love the way the business owner focused on answering her customers’ questions and highlights consistency as a key to her success–also a major key to having success with email marketing.

GateHouse Media Shows How Media Orgs Can Offer Value for SMB Advertisers


Mike Blumenthal and I take a deeper dive into the story I shared in my last newsletter. GateHouse Media clearly sees a high-margin, high-value digital bundle as essential to its business evolution. Even agencies without the sales and technical resources of GateHouse can learn from this strategy.

Average Revenue Churn Rate Benchmarks


Seeing ProfitWell’s graph of price point vs. churn rates was selfishly intriguing to me as a SaaS founder. But it also got me thinking: what would this curve look like for agencies?

It feels like middle-to-higher price-point clients might not necessarily churn less, particularly if the agency isn’t able to deliver demonstrably more value at higher prices.

An enterprising reader should do a study of service client churn relative to price point 🙂

Groupon is looking for a buyer


Groupon’s business model is much more sustainable than it was at the height of the Daily Deal frenzy, but that $GRPN stock chart is still something to behold.

Not that Yelp has the cash to buy Groupon, but some kind of roll-up between the companies would make sense to me. Groupon could help plug a demand-gen hole for many Yelp businesses — particularly those who’d be happy to fill real-time/last-minute availability at a discount.


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