Reality Check: Adapting to Google’s Ever-Growing Control of the Search Experience


Mike Blumenthal and I respond to Rand Fishkin’s “fury” at Google’s reduction of traffic to websites in our latest StreetFight column.

We don’t find it infuriating, but it requires a massive shift in the mindset of Local SEO agencies, consultants, and their customers that centers around a GMB-first, Knowledge-Panel-first mindset.

Google Reduces Post Visibility


Of course, Google’s always testing, and what appears one day may not appear forever.

Case in point: Google Posts seem to be losing a little visibility, at least for now.

An Insider’s Google+ Postmortem


This insider take confirms pretty much everything we guessed about Google+: a poorly-executed copycat product with which no other internal team actually wanted to integrate.

It’s still a pretty entertaining look at one of the darker eras in Google’s history.

Some advertisers are moving half of their search budget from Google to Amazon, say ad industry sources


Combined with Amazon’s increasingly-ubiquitous SMB-focused advertising (if you watched any NFL games this weekend you couldn’t have missed it), it’s safe to say they’re about to make a massive play for SMB dollars.

It feels like agencies serving retail SMBs can get ahead of the curve now (and likely get their advertisers higher ROI on their overall spend) by helping their clients get set up with an Amazon store and becoming familiar with Amazon’s ad platform.

The fastest SEO audit in the world


He didn’t call it that, but that’s effectively what the brilliant Cyrus Shepard tweeted last week:

2) “Brand Name”

Evaluate external: Reviews • Citations • Directories • Social Profiles • Trust Scores • Wikipedia Pages

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Hope to see you there!


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