I had a great time seeing some loyal readers at the LSA Localogy conference in Redmond on Friday. It was the LSA’s third event in the same week (!) on the heels of their Bootcamp and Tech Adoption Summit in San Francisco. Greg Sterling and Kevin Kalinowski deserve a vacation!

It was also my last speaking event of the year as I hunker down on product and strategic planning for both Tidings and ThriveHive, but I’ll continue to see you virtually in your inbox every week.

For American readers, hope all of your Thanksgiving planning goes smoothly and quickly!

SMB Panel: The Demand for Service and the Problem of Scale

Source: www.lsainsider.com

Major kudos to the LSA for including *actual small businesses* on a panel at a conference on small business marketing. I’d love to see more of this in our industry.

Greg Sterling’s takeaways for providers at the end of the recap are spot-on.

Heard On the Street, Episode 15: Expanding the Local Marketing Suite

Source: streetfightmag.com

I recorded a thoroughly enjoyable podcast interview with StreetFight/ARtillry’s Mike Boland a couple of weeks ago.

Mike is/was a great interviewer, diving into some of the key events that shaped my career as well as my current outlook on the digital space.

How to Interpret Google My Business (GMB) Insights

Source: www.sterlingsky.ca

I PM’ed Sterling Sky CEO Joy Hawkins earlier in the week with a question about GMB Insights. She responded with a link to this guide explains at a detailed level what each data point in your GMB Dashboard means. I may even have already shared this in a previous newsletter, but if so it’s worth a re-share 🙂

Note, this does not include the new, ultra confusing, and IMO ultimately un-helpful “Brand” searches, which Joy explained in a recent Local Search Forum thread.

Online Reviews Study: Restaurants & Reviews

Source: gatherup.com

On the heels of last week’s excellent Bright Local review survey, GatherUp CEO Aaron Weiche takes a deep dive into reviews in the restaurant industry.

Maybe the most interesting finding to me? More people would prefer to leave restaurant reviews via comment card than via any individual technology platform.

Apple Maps May Not Be As Far Behind Google Maps As You Think…

Source: www.localseoguide.com

I’m a daily Apple Maps user on iOS, and a daily Google Maps user on my desktop.

I generally agree with the conventional wisdom that Google is far ahead of Apple in the mapping game, but Andrew Shotland points out a specific small-town example that shows at the very least that Google has a long way to go.


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