Here’s some light holiday reading to give you a break from those awkward family conversations around the Thanksgiving table 🙂

Hope that everyone here in the U.S. has a great holiday & that those around the world enjoy a few days without interruption from American clients and vendors!

Google Testing Verification Whitelisting via API with Large Resellers & IYPs


If your agency has been approved for this program, congratulations! But if not, your competitors may now be able to offer a service level that you can’t.

In general, I applaud Google for releasing this feature–only 10 years after Mike and I and others first implored Google LBC product managers for it–but I’m disappointed by its availability being limited to large Adwords resellers (many of whom have the lowest Net Promoter Scores among their SMB customers). If Google can develop processes to verify home service professionals for Local Service Ads, why can’t they verify reputable agencies using similar methods?

Social Media Gets the Local Spending Growth, Partly by Default


Looks to me like both SMBs and Enterprises are waking up to the fact that Social Media has become a pay-to-play proposition.

Selfishly, I’m pleased to see Email Marketing in second place — please reach out if you’d like to start offering email to your clients, we’ve got a great whitelabel platform… 🙂

Google collects Android users’ locations even when location services are disabled


At this point, anyone who buys or uses any Google product should realize the company will track *everything* you do, regardless of any reasonable expectation or regulation to the contrary.

SMB Cloud Adoption Summit Coming Up December 7


I honestly can’t remember a conference I’ve been looking forward to more. Cloud service providers represent both a new competitive vector for SEO/SEM shops and a new set of partners to stave off commoditization and cannibalization of their services by Google and Facebook.

Organizers Charles Laughlin and Neal Polachek have done a superlative job with the agenda.

Little Boxes: A Great Portland Small Business Initiative 


Wanted to share this fabulous gamified co-op program to get Portlanders to shop at small businesses this weekend. I’d love to see this locally-run program expand all across the country.

Tidings is proud to be a sponsor!


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