Written from a professional marketer’s point of view, the big takeaway here is that high volume does not necessarily equal high effectiveness when it comes to content.

But there’s a good lesson for small business owners too: promotion and amplification of content is critical in order to have success with content marketing (which is why I believe email newsletters are so valuable, and at least for me have been so much more effective than a “blog”).

Apart from being one of the most visually-stunning roundups I’ve ever encountered, there are some terrific takeaways from this Campaign Monitor piece.

I particularly enjoyed #6, which aligns 100% with where Tidings is headed.

26 Tips for Successful SEO Consulting


One of the world’s most successful SEO consultants, Aleyda Solis, has shared an absolute gold mine of information for how to replicate her success as an SEO consultant (and beyond).

92 Changes that Happened in 2017 in Local SEO


We all know it’s been an insanely busy year for Google My Business, but Joy Hawkins details just how insanely busy. I happen to think the frenetic pace will slow in Q1/Q2 as Google tests and analyzes the adoption of many new features, but it’s encouraging to see Local finally starting to get some love in Mountain View.

(And then served customers Iceland ready meals on its opening night.)

Articles like this highlight the rationale behind my 2018 prediction that Google — and possibly others — will be forced into taking a harder look at fake reviews in the near future.

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