I’ve been around awhile, so it’s harder to impress me with a blog post than it used to be. But my good friend Mike Blumenthal did just that this week with his 18-month case study of what I’d call the “median” local business.

Mike worked 1-2 hours a month, using only Google’s DIY tools and his own GatherUp review platform to grow a new business’s customers by (conservatively) 20%. This should serve as a roadmap for any agency who wants to add a low-cost, low-effort offering to its service packages.

The flipside to that case study, of course, was the DOJ’s announcement of an antitrust case against Google this week. While I have no idea how the case will turn out, no matter its outcome, it’s sure to have a huge impact on agencies for years to come.

Hope you enjoy those, and other stories, below & I’ll “see” you again in 2 weeks!


What We Learned From A “Google Only” Marketing Approach

Source: gatherup.com

This post is in my all-time pantheon of local search reading — not only for its readability and thoroughness, but for the construction of experiment itself. Thanks to Mike’s clear empathy for the business he features, you’re rooting for its success throughout the post.

The accompanying graphic probably gives you the TL;DR — but you should still read the whole thing.

Yelp’s Luther Lowe on the ‘Seismic’ Antitrust Case Against Google

Source: onezero.medium.com

Though Luther and I hardly see eye-to-eye on the remedy, we share a desired end: antitrust regulation of Google.

I’ll admit to rolling my eyes more than a few times (“Yelp was open web” / Google “haven’t been that innovative of a company”) but Luther’s insider perspective on what drove the antitrust announcement and its chances of success definitely make for a worthy read.

LocalU Advanced – Virtual – November 10, 2020

Source: localu.org

I’m pleased to be back on the Local U speaking circuit next month – join me and ~a dozen other great speakers for only $99!

How to Get a Places Label on Google Maps

Source: www.sterlingsky.ca

Wondering why your business doesn’t have a place label or icon on Google Maps? Stylistically, there isn’t room for every business to get one so how does Google decide who qualifies? This study looks at 12 different factors and which correlate with getting a place label on Google Maps.

Level Up Your Local SEO – A Business As Unusual Webinar

Source: www.noisylittlemonkey.com

Claire Carlile is always a great listen — and in this case a great read, thanks to her webinar host transcribing her entire session!

It’s as comprehensive a session on local search as you can probably do in an hour!

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