Those of you who subscribe to my Minutive newsletter got my first message in quite awhile last week. For folks who only subscribe to this agency-focused newsletter: I’m no longer with ThriveHive and have been enjoying some much-needed downtime with my family this summer.

So it’s back to “our scheduled programming” — look for this newsletter in your inbox on a bi-weekly basis moving forward!

Tidings is once again my full-time gig, and we’ve got some great momentum with several new agency resellers signed in the past couple of months. I’ll be spending a lot of time (finally) advertising our product in earnest, including our new solution for vertically-focused agencies.

Below is some of my best content from the past couple of months — as well as some important updates on GMB below.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the topics above, just reply to this email. I’d love to start a conversation.


Email: Your Marketing Lifeline During COVID-19 and Beyond

While COVID-19 caused a precipitous drop in searches in many business categories, newsletters have seen a 5-34% increase in engagement.

If you’re not yet helping your clients with email marketing — or haven’t done as well with it as you’d have liked with your own — there’s no time like the present to start!

Local Search Like It’s 2020 (Not Like It’s 2010)

A lot of enterprise marketers and at least some agencies still seem to be stuck in a 2010 local marketing paradigm. Here’s my take on four important trends in the local search world.

‘Acceleration’ Leaving its Mark, Part II: A Conversation with…Me!

I was honored to be a guest on Localogy’s ongoing series hosted by Charles Laughlin earlier this summer. He and I discussed how digital marketing trends and innovations are affecting (and in some cases, enabling) agencies.

Google My Business Is Testing Call History: In-dashboard Call Tracking

Great spot from Allie Margeson of Whitespark.

GMB appears to be testing call tracking directly in the new dashboard with a new beta feature called Call history. Customers who Click to Call will be connected through a unique forwarding number.

Keep in mind that GMB is only tracking “clicks to call” which leaves out consumers who simply dial a number on their screen…meaning it’s still important to implement proper call-tracking, even with this feature.

Google Starting to Promote Messaging in GMB More Seriously

I see this as a long-term project on Google’s part that aligns really well with our current unfortunate reality.

Given the still-constant state of change, customers increasingly want to ask (in particular, COVID-related) questions of businesses they’re searching for. Google’s starting to promote its messaging feature more heavily to consumers and its GMB Messaging API to partners.

Interested in offering email marketing to your clients? Check out our White Label Agency Platform, with plans as low as $7/client.

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