Brandify puts out a ton of great content — their GMB COVID Insights is one of the best pieces of content this entire year. But when I saw their recent piece favoring subdomains over subfolders for location pages, I had to comment with something more than a 280-character tweet 🙂

Speaking of things longer than 280 characters, I’m also giving TWO presentations next week…one of them free (with Mono Solutions) and the other for a modest fee as part of a great day at Local U Advanced.

Hope to “see” you at one of them!


Why Your Local Pages Might Be Happier on a Subdomain


The subdomain-subfolder debate has been a hobbyhorse for many SEOs since internet time immemorial. Subdomains put you at an incredible disadvantage for discovery keyword SEO. Splitting link equity onto anything other than your primary domain is a bad decision.

The only two real pros of subdomains are:

1) reputation management (mitigated by Google’s increasing willingness to show multiple same-domain pages)

2) technology hassle of hosting complex content types or permissions within a subfolder

Only the latter “pro” should outweigh a subfolder decision, and you should do everything you can to sweet-talk your engineering department (or your client’s) into making subfolders work.

This article presents a somewhat compelling case for inbound link segmentation to subdomains, but the company whose existence depends most on local organic traffic has made the opposite decision.

With public-company resources, Yelp could choose to host an infinite number of subdomains for each market they operate in.

But they don’t. And they dominate the organic SERPs. They use internal link equity, and external links to (well-optimized) subfoldered pages, to achieve these rankings.

You should make the same decision, if you can.

Stop Listening to Google’s Advice on Link Building


I’ve been saying this headline for years but Kevin Rowe does the hard work of laying out all the reasons why, in considerable detail.

Net-net-net: take Google’s link building advice with a grain of salt and focus on tactics with proven results that will serve your company’s goals.

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Top 10 Changes That Impacted Google My Business in 2020


2020 has been a busy year for Google My Business. Since January, Google has launched new features, fixed bugs, and had to adapt to the global pandemic.

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