GateHouse Media thinks services for small local businesses can help replace long-gone advertising


A darned interesting interview with the parent-of-GateHouse-Media’s CEO. The financial nuggets are worth the read alone (digital services account for only 6% of revenue; some services net only 2-3% margin). Also fascinating to see them try to attack the long tail market of SMBs with fewer than 20 employees, which seems like an un-common insight among most traditional media.

New SEO Pricing Study from aHrefs


I saw plenty of skepticism of this survey on Twitter, but the findings resonate with my anecdotal view of the SEO market.

And, if you believe Mike Blumenthal and me, that spells trouble for the SEO market. It’s increasingly hard to deliver value in the monthly pricing range of the majority of agencies and freelancers ($500 – $5000/mo).

Facebook’s troublesome local media tactics


a) I hadn’t heard Facebook was launching its own version of Google’s Get Your Business Online roadshow (called “Community Boost”).

b) It seems to be learning all the wrong public relations lessons from Google–to try to control the story and expect it will go away if executives refuse comment.

What an absolutely bizarre story.

How to Add a Call Tracking Number to Your Google My Business Listing


Whitespark’s Darren Shaw is out with this compact, complete guide on the right way to do call tracking in GMB.

“No one is opening those emails about privacy updates, and it’s a nightmare for this $22B industry”


It’s fascinating to read all the gloom-and-doom around GDPR. Our own numbers were not quite as gloomy as the ones in this piece (we lost approximately 60% of our total subscribers, post-GDPR), but just looking at numbers misses the point. It’s far from a nightmare.

How engaged were those subscribers that these companies lost? Did they ever open a newsletter? Click on a transactional email?

For a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is cost, I’d much rather have a smaller set of engaged readers than a bloated list that didn’t appreciate hearing from me in the first place.


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