How Businesses Use Digital Marketing in 2018


More evidence that the market for digital services is changing dramatically — social media, websites, and email marketing are all in strong demand from small businesses.

Click through to be surprised by the channel that’s in lowest demand…

The Local SEO’s Guide to the Buy Local Phenomenon: A Competitive Advantage for Clients


Miriam Ellis is out with this inspiring piece on The Buy Local movement. It looks to me like a LOT of work to get going, but the rewards could be huge if your agency or consultancy is recognized as the community hub that’s spearheading this movement. And it may not be *that* hard to pull off if you’re located in a smaller town or mid-sized metro area.

I completely agree with Miriam that your involvement would, at the very least, create a creative and content flywheel of sorts for your own business — not to mention the positive side effects for your community.

How to raise money before launch


Most of you are probably not planning to raise money for your agencies. (At this point, I’m not planning to raise money for Tidings, either.)

But hear me out. There’s a lot to learn from this piece that you can apply to building a terrific client sales deck. Instead of solving a problem for “the world,” you’re solving a problem for a particular client, and effectively you’re “raising money” from them in order to do so.

Facebook Announces Multi-City ‘Keep It Local’ Campaign Celebrating SMBs


The most interesting part of this campaign is the two in-person events Facebook is running in Columbus and San Diego. Promotion starts today.

For those of you in either market, I’d be curious to know how visible the advertising is, and of course if you’re able to attend, how the events go! The events could be a test for Facebook’s analogy to Google’s Get Your Business Online program.

Current Google Local Services Ads Markets & Verticals


A nifty little widget from Tom Waddington which shows you where and in what verticals LSAs have rolled out across the U.S.

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