Learn How Tidings Works

Fast and Easy Email Newsletters for Small Businesses

Tidings builds great email newsletters automatically, using just your Facebook Page and your existing email service provider.

If you’ve ever had trouble coming up with what to write about in your email marketing campaigns, Tidings is the product for you. Send an engaging email newsletter in no time flat, and stay top of mind with your clients. Plans start as low as $24/mo.

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You’ve already created a great newsletter. (You just didn’t know it.)

How Our Service Works, in a Nutshell

1. Connect

Starting out, we pull your branding from the social media profile you select into an editable, mobile-friendly template.

2. Customize

From there, you can re-order the content, remove posts that are no longer relevant, and edit the snippets for each post. You can also add new posts simply by pasting their address.

3. Send

Once you’re happy with your newsletter, connect your Email Service Provider account and choose the list you want to send to. Send your newsletter immediately, or schedule it for a more opportune time in the future.

4. Relax

Then, sit back, relax, and figure out what to do with the extra hours you used to spend putting your newsletter together–most of our customers take less than 10 minutes to send their newsletter from start to finish!