Hope you all have enjoyed a relaxing week with friends and family as we say goodbye to 2018.

The year hasn’t gone exactly as I thought it might last January, but I’m grateful for all your support of Tidings over the last 12 months and I’m excited for what the next 12 have in store!

I thought I’d round out the year by highlighting your five favorite stories (based on click percentage) from my last 51 weekly newsletters below. They actually capture the arc of the year pretty well & all of them are worth a re-read!

And if you’re already looking forward to 2019, get a head start with my predictions for what’s coming.

Stay safe tonight, and I’ll talk with you again in the New Year!

Read my full slate of 2019 predictions here

Reality Check: Adapting to Google’s Ever-Growing Control of the Search Experience

Source: streetfightmag.com

The most popular story of the year was this conversation between Mike Blumenthal and myself in response to Rand Fishkin’s presentation below — itself the third-most-popular story of 2018!

Google My Business Posts Shelf-Life Hack: How to Keep Your Posts from Expiring Soon

Source: www.localvisibilitysystem.com

A great tip from Phil Rozek on making the most of your Google Posts with the least amount of effort.

On SERP SEO – The Infuriating Reality of Search’s Future

Source: sparktoro.com

Rand’s BrightonSEO presentation captures a persistent reality of local search that’s far from the “future” (and as Mike and I argue above, not necessarily infuriating).

Google to Offer Combined Content (Paid and Organic) Search Results

Source: www.seobythesea.com

Bill Slawski reviews a patent that describes a hybrid local-paid-organic search result that we may see on a SERP near us sooner rather than later.

5 local SEO myths and misconceptions that Will. Not. Die.

Source: searchengineland.com

Joy Hawkins dispels some persistent local search delusions.

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