Another week of increasing COVID cases in almost every state — and a possible second wave in Italy — has me feeling pessimistic about things returning to normal this winter. :/

Small businesses that normally count on a ton of holiday foot traffic during Black Friday and Small Business Saturday should start thinking about how they’re going shift that usual in-person demand via digital media. (Why isn’t every Saturday “Small Business Saturday,” btw? But I digress…)

I give a few ideas for driving that demand via email below in my presentation for Whitespark and podcast interview with ContentCal. As well as a new-to-me resource from Terry Godier called “Marketing Patterns.”

As always, thanks for reading!


Email: Your Marketing Lifeline During COVID-19 and Beyond


While COVID-19 has caused a precipitous drop in searches in many business categories, newsletters have seen a 5-34% increase in engagement. Here are my recommendations for building a great email program that *every* local business can execute.

(Originally presented at Whitespark’s Summit, which features loads of other great presentations.)

17 Non-Negotiable Things Your Email Newsletter Needs Right Now


Fantastic, timely advice from the legendary Ann Handley. I was pleased to see Ann echo many of the same sentiments I included in my Whitespark presentation above.

My “Martech Stacked” Podcast Interview


I was honored to join host David Bain on his excellent Martech Stacked podcast a couple of weeks ago, where I zeroed in on my Local Marketing Stack, particularly during a shopping season sure to be impacted by COVID-19.

Marketing Patterns – Growth Library


The great Jon Henshaw of Coywolf, recommended I check out this site.

It’s chock full of great ideas, across almost all of the key marketing channels.

Introducing the new Google Analytics


Google Analytics is getting…even more complicated. Small businesses are clearly not this team’s target user. There’s a huge gap between the (over)simplicity of Google My Business Insights and the unnecessary complexity of Google Analytics.

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