The State of Email Marketing in 2018


The Manifest, a sister publication of Clutch, conducted a wide-ranging survey that serves as a great primer on the kinds of emails you can send and why each is effective.

The survey found a considerably higher percentage of small businesses using email marketing than we did, which was likely due to audience type (businesses with in-house digital marketers, as opposed to all small businesses).

All the news that’s fit for you: The New York Times’ “Your Weekly Edition” is a brand-new newsletter personalized for each recipient


“Say you read a lot about cooking, and someone similar to you has also read a lot about cooking, but also read a Saturday profile from International about a chef in Italy. We may surface that story in your queue in your newsletter.”

At the risk of giving away Tidings’ product roadmap, this is exactly where we are heading: enabling small businesses to increase engagement with their customers by personalizing newsletters with recommended content for each subscriber.

It’ll take us a *few* more months to get there 😉 but we’ll soon be launching a standalone tool that will preview this functionality. Stay tuned!

Five Ways To Fail With Email Newsletters


Couldn’t agree more with the takeaways of this article:
– be consistent
– inform don’t sell
– be personal
– continue to build your audience
– continue to invest in your newsletter

Marketers Can’t Wait to Use AMP for Email, But Here’s What Will Be Holding Them Back


Given that the format of Tidings newsletters lends itself perfectly to AMP, I’ve been following the developments of AMP-in-Gmail closely since Google teased its announcement a few months ago.

Right now the biggest hurdle is that the major Email Service Providers with whom we integrate (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and the like) don’t support the technical requirements necessary to send an AMP-powered newsletter.

Whitespark’s Super Fantastic Guide to Optimizing Google My Business


And now an important non-email-related story: Whitespark has created created a terrific, well-illustrated guide to help you navigate all of the incredible new features that Google My Business has been releasing at a torrid pace.

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