Does Google Really Need a Social Network to Succeed at Local?


Mike Blumenthal and I discuss the increasingly social feel of Google’s local results — without a true social network to back it up — in our latest StreetFight column.

Is LinkedIn Making a Deeper Move into Local?


Dana DiTomaso got this notification for a Kick Point client’s page. Especially if you (or your clients) operate in a professional services category, it’s probably a good idea to add your address or make sure that the one LinkedIn has pulled automatically is correct.

Scoring Your Brand Page at Google


Mary Bowling and Carrie Hill have built a tool based on one of the most popular presentations at Local U Advanced Austin.

Take this quick quiz to see how well your own Brand page at Google is doing.

How Can Local Businesses Fight Spam in Local Results?


Joy Hawkins continues her professional quest to #stopcraponthemap with this excellent, concise guide that tells you directly how to fight spam as a small business owner.

Google Adds Call Buttons to Posts


Contrary to all my predictions ?, Google continues to add functionality around Google Posts. If you’re not yet using them on a consistent basis, I recommend getting started.

(It appears these new buttons might even be a way to increase your review count, though the Sterling Sky team doesn’t expect that “feature” to stick around.)

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