Google’s Path to Becoming the Transaction Layer of the Web


Mike Blumenthal and I discuss the accelerating trend of Google not just presenting local business information, but monetizing it via on-SERP transactions. Across dozens of industries, consumers are now making reservations or purchases without ever visiting the website of the local business with whom they’re transacting.

Bed & Breakfasts Forced to “Suck Hind Teat” at Google


One of the industries hardest-hit by the above trend is the hospitality space. Independent B&B’s don’t have a scale that’s interesting to Google, so they’re forced to pay a 15% commission to booking platforms, or basically not show up in local results (or other booking websites).

How To Convert Local Searchers Into Customers With Reviews


Whitespark’s Darren Shaw has turned his recent Mozcon talk into an excellent, deep-dive blog post on why reviews are so important for local businesses, and how you should acquire them.

How To Get People To Actually See Your Facebook Content


Tidings customer Joe Youngblood lays out your options if you still want customers to see your business’s Facebook content.

Tidings Customer Story: William Andrew Schroeder


We’re starting a new series featuring interviews with some of our most active customers.

Find out how the co-director of a center of mental health excellence maximizes their client email engagement with Tidings.


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