Facebook Takes a Stab at Local—Again

Source: streetfightmag.com

Mike Blumenthal and I discuss the degree to which Facebook’s and Google’s local strategies are starting to mirror one another.

Spoiler alert: we’re both skeptical that Facebook’s latest changes will do much to help it upset Google’s dominance without a more visible organic presence for the typical small business.

Do You Care How They Found Your Phone Number?

Source: localu.org

A terrific evergreen post from Ignitor Digital’s Carrie Hill. It captures the biggest qualitative difference between local and organic SEO (the value of “traffic”), and also the nuance around the importance of your website.

Ask an SMXpert – Significant changes to local search

Source: searchengineland.com

Co-panelists Dana DiTomaso, Andy Taylor, and I answer some of the questions that our moderator Chris Sherman didn’t have a chance to ask at our SMX Advanced panel back in June.

Porch Buys Serviz For Home Service Pros, Features

Source: localonliner.com

News of a significant acquisition in the home services industry.

Are these directory-marketplace companies already feeling the impact of Local Service Ads on their businesses? Or is this just a continuation of consolidation in a too-crowded space?

New Featured Snippets Added to Our Q&A Repository

Source: tidings.com

Last week I added a few of my thoughts on the value of citations for local search rankings and where I’d prioritize my time and money on that front.


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