Stories That Caught My Eye This Week

The biggest story that caught my eye this week happened over the weekend, and it’s not possible for me to go on with “business-as-usual” with this week’s newsletter.

The president’s repugnant Executive Order effectively restricting entry into this country on the basis of religion is antithetical to our national values, and makes a mockery of the American Dream he pretends to champion.

Even if its specific implementation is modified or overturned by Congress or the courts (a prospect for which I am not optimistic), it is an appalling signal to send the rest of the world. The damage has already been done to our national security, and our reputation.

If you find this commentary inappropriate and decide to unsubscribe, I’ll be sorry to lose your readership, but I do not apologize for saying it. Plenty of business leaders and consumers have spoken out against this action, and I’m compelled to join them in my own small way.

Tidings will remain committed to helping all small businesses succeed, regardless of the religion, ethnicity, or country of origin of their founders and employees.


Apple Gets Into Position for the Voice Search Revolution


Siri gives Apple a leg up on Amazon for on-the-go voice searches, but they seem to be taking their time in marketing her abilities…despite the fact that Apple’s local result quality is already high enough to meet Professor Maps’ exacting standards.

Introducing Facebook Ad Campaigns


Mailchimp’s latest product streamlines the creation of lookalike and retargeting ads based on email list segments. With an installed base of some 20 million users, I predict this will be the most successful SMB software product launched this year.

#DeleteUber: Companies being forced by events to wade into political fray


My opening statement was probably a pretty good indicator of my agreement with Greg: during this presidency, companies will be forced to take issue-based stands like never before.

Alignable’s 2017 NPS


Not much seems to have changed in these rankings from the previous quarter. Looking at their top 10 and bottom 10, a clear pattern emerges for me: to my knowledge, none of the top 10 employ salesforces. 8 of the bottom 10 do employ salesforces, whether inside or feet-on-the-street.

Except for Craigslist, there’s a lot of overselling and underdelivering from all of companies on the bottom 10, whereas SMBs are *choosing* the companies in the top 10.

Amazon is flirting with paid search on Alexa


Seems like a pretty short-sighted move to me, especially before Alexa/Echo has gained mass adoption. We’ll see if it comes to fruition; perhaps it’s just a Plan B.

Apex dentist legally changes his name to keep practice on top


There are definitely higher ROI, less personally-disruptive digital marketing tactics than changing your last name. But hey, if nothing else, at least he got a nice juicy local link out of it from ABC11.


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