Google Testing New Local Knowledge Panel Call to Action


I’m not entirely sure what to make of this test, as it seems at odds with the Knowledge Panel’s focus on structured data that consumers find valuable. Perhaps it represents the last remnants of the Google+ team still fighting for political relevance within Google’s larger strategy, or a toe-in-the-water for a new ad product.

Snapchat Adds APIs, Offers Self-Serve Option For Ad Buyers


A prerequisite for their IPO, no doubt. While I doubt Snap will be able to tap into the long-tail of advertisers with the same success that Facebook has had, I do think they’ll be more successful than Google at it due to the ease of creative and the limited number of inputs around audience targeting. This partner API is a first step towards that possibility.

Google launches Ads Added by AdWords pilot: What we know so far


In a related story, Adwords remains far too complicated for most SMBs, and onboarding takes far too long for most resellers to be profitable as margins continue to compress.

While I’m usually a proud tinfoil hat-wearer when it comes to revenue-generating initiatives like this, I actually see this move (and others like it) as a recognition of Facebook’s ease of boosting posts and the increase in ad dollars flowing to Facebook from smaller spenders.

Searching For ‘Facebook Customer Service’ Can Lead To A Scam


Many reasons to feature this story, not the least of which is my friend Marty Weintraub’s cameo! At a deeper level, it shows the increased importance of monitoring brand queries in the era of featured snippets and voice searches, as Google devours more and more interactions directly from the SERP.

Analysts Debate What You Can Expect in “Local” 2017


One of the most engaging webinars I’ve attended in the last couple of years. I found myself nodding after most of Neal Polachek’s comments, particularly about the magnitude of the coming voice disruption.

Google’s Super Bowl ad accidentally set off a lot of Google Homes


As the author notes, the exact same thing has happened with Alexa on a few occasions. Hopefully GA(F)A fix this issue before any of them show an ad for voice’s utility in contacting emergency services.

Getting out of the startup rat race


So much of this article resonated with me, including the frenzied chase of growth at all costs (without even thinking about revenues and profitability), and the importance of defining success on your own terms.

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