How popular is Voice Search?


Higher Visibility surveyed 2000 individuals to find out how popular Voice Search is today. Looking at the heavy usage “while driving,” it’s not hard to predict a significant impact on Local Search.

A companion to the excellent survey from Stone Temple a couple of weeks ago.

Customers want voice payments, Google has a foot in the door


Google is positioned to enter voice payments and Apple is missing the boat. Meanwhile, sales of Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are soaring.

Is Mobile Search Cannibalizing Google’s Core Search Business?


Mobile search? No. Voice search? Yes.

When voice search starts to cannibalize mobile search–especially as voice transactions pick up steam—a 3% Google Payments margin is not going to make up for all that lost Adwords revenue.

The 2017 Local SEO Forecast: 10 Predictions According to Mozzers


Lots to agree with here. I nodded particularly strongly at Britney Muller’s observation that we’ll see more and more rich attributes being added to local business Knowledge Panels in the coming months.

Seeing a lot more of those already in SERPs as I prepare for my LSA presentation on this topic next week.

Local Businesses Bungle Their SEM Campaigns and Blame AdWords


I strongly disagree with this characterization.

What’s really going on?
1) Google encourages spending on expensive head terms.
2) SMB trusts Google.
3) ROI doesn’t pencil.

More accurate would be “Google bungles its Adwords onboarding and strategy for SMBs.”

A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking

Quincy Larson

As I’ve written in this space before, the rise of robots will have devastating impacts on “low-skill” jobs, but some of the smartest people in the world think that impact will also be felt among more knowledge and creative workers as well.

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