Are Words the New Links?

Inspired by our conclusion from our recent StreetFight conversation that the concept of a “citation” needs to evolve, Mike Blumenthal lays out his theory of Entity Authority and absolutely nails it, IMO.

Mobile page speed is important, but not (yet) for SEO

The definitive answer to the question of mobile page speed’s impact on search rankings comes from Bryson Meunier. I’m tired of hearing about mobilegeddon’s so-called “impact” on rankings.

Understanding Mobile-First Indexing (2/3): The Long-Term Impact on SEO

If you weren’t at SEMpdx’s Engage Conference this week, you missed an incredible keynote from Mobile Moxie’s Cindy Krum. The text version isn’t as dynamic as the live performance, but it’s no less insightful.

Drop it like it’s bot: Brands have cooled on chatbots

The Bot craze may have peaked already. There’s a reason I put them all the way at the end of the Marketing Stack. Some of Facebook’s earliest partners have realized email is a more effective (and lower-cost) means of staying in touch with your customers.

Activate Tech and Media Outlook 2017

A terrific infographic highlighting the relative strengths and weaknesses of each of the major tech players along the stages of the consumer journey. We did a similar exercise specific to Local Search with Local U Advanced attendees several years ago.

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