What Does the Bot Bubble Mean for Facebook’s Long Game?


In our latest Streetfight conversation, Mike and I discuss Facebook’s incredible positioning as a C2B communications tool–one that’s at least as good as Twitter–but their failure thus far to fully capitalize on it.

Facebook Inches Closer to Something That Looks Like Local Search


Speaking of failure to capitalize, Facebook has left billions of local search dollars on the table (at least as many billions as Yelp’s market cap) since 2010 or so.

It appears their latest feature replicates Google’s Hotpot program of around the same vintage, but with much broader AND deeper data. If they just started to promote their local search capabilities to users, they’d have a real winner on their hands.

Google Continues Testing of ‘Posts’ As Worldwide Use Expands 


“Posts” highlights Google’s existential conundrum beautifully. Mobile and Voice are heading inexorably towards structured-data-driven single-answer conversion experiences, and yet Google needs to keep users on SERPs as long as possible to maximize their chances of clicking on a paid ad.

The Posts feature favors the latter “necessity” to the detriment of the former, and I predict it’ll be far less visible than it is today within 12 months.

Google Local Reviews With Guardian Top Ten Icons


I’ve documented the impact of critical lists on local ranking as far back as 2011, and Mike Blumenthal and I returned to the topic just a few months ago.

Google’s latest evolution of this feature may have even more impact on conversion than rankings–take a look at the screenshots shared by Barry Schwartz.

Cortana reminds you of the important stuff – even when you forget to ask


This may be beating a dead horse for long-time subscribers, but I believe the relationship between email and voice search will be a close one–it’s one of the main reasons I started Tidings. Features like this one from Microsoft’s Cortana give me confidence I’m on the right track.

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