Apologies for the slight delay in this week’s Minutive.

I’ve been heads-down on a couple of major improvements to Tidings which I’ll formally announce later this week. They’re actually live now, so if your curiosity is just overwhelming, feel free to try them out for yourself! 😉

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the last week’s articles (below) that I’ve found most interesting.

The Coming DIY Cataclysm


Mike Blumenthal and I resume our bi-weekly conversation, this time tackling a wave of product innovations and recent surveys indicating a fundamental shift in what digital marketing services small businesses outsource to agencies–if they outsource at all.

Study: US Self-Employed Professionals and Small Business Owners Embrace Career Independence


One of those recent surveys was this one by FreshBooks, indicating that a majority of small businesses feel their own digital marketing efforts are “good enough,” at least relative to the cost of outsourcing them to an agency.

Preparing for local reach in a ‘post-rank’ world: Get your data in line


ZipSprout’s Megan Hannay shares an excellent synopsis of three killer Local SEO presentations–by Cindy Krum, Mike Blumenthal, and Dana DiTomaso (and me)–from March events Mozcon Local/Local U and SEMpdx’s Engage.

How to turn your email into high ranking articles


Step-by-step instructions from Andy Crestodina for turning email time into marketing time, magically transforming your outbox into high-ranking articles.

For those of you who spend considerable time answering individual emails, it’s a great strategy to scale those efforts into productive marketing. (Incidentally, this article dovetails perfectly with the rationale behind the Tidings product.)

A static business is a healthy business – Signal v. Noise

Jason Fried

To summarize, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” but a visual representation of your revenues (and how it would change if a given percentage of your customers left) is more powerful than a simple aphorism. 

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