Preparing for local reach in a ‘post-rank’ world, Part 2: Create content for local research


Zipsprout’s Megan Hannay gives some great answers to one of the most common questions I receive at conferences: “how do I create unique local content at scale?”

You Probably Shouldn’t Forge a Judge’s Signature to Solve Your SEO Problems


A jewelry company CEO was arrested last week and charged with forging court orders in order to de-index negative reviews on Google.

(If you’re looking for productive reputation management advice, check out this post from Whitespark on how to remove fake reviews at Google.)

Amazon’s new Alexa developer policy now bans all ads except in music and flash briefings


Shots fired in the looming voice search war. Amazon and Apple can forgo search revenues; Google cannot. Who wants to sit through an advertisement while waiting for an instant answer?

Are you or your local search tools using UULE? Beware! – Local SEO Guide


Notes from Dan Leibson on a largely-invisible change from Google that will cause havoc with many rank trackers. In the age of personalized results and user-level proximity influence, you shouldn’t be using rankings as a KPI, anyway.

Is It Time to Break Up Google?


Possibly. The author also presents some excellent regulatory constraints that would stop short of a breakup.

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