This is how Google will collapse


James condenses many of the arguments you’ve seen in this newsletter over the past year into a single column–and adds one to which I hadn’t previously given much weight–ad-blocking.

It may be hard to believe given Alphabet’s record profit announcement last week. But, although James overstates the scope of the “collapse,” a massive downgrade seems inevitable.

Sundar Pichai just hinted at how Google will make money from maps, and it sounds like lots of ads


Google will milk every inch of available real estate on the way down, and it’s likely to be a steady decline rather than a collapse, so there’s still a lot of cash left in the cow.

I absolutely think we’ll see many, many more ads in Maps in the coming months.

“Google Glitch”


Meanwhile, the product continues to be afflicted by substantial bugs (not to mention ongoing spam on which Mike Blumenthal’s been reporting), with incredibly dire real-world consequences for the small businesses affected.

Bennington, VT joins the illustrious list of Rogers, MN and Sunrise, FL, and others as towns which Google Maps has lost for significant stretches of time.

Digital Personal Assistants: Which Is Smartest?


One of the ways Google hopes to stave off demise is with its Assistant product–which has a healthy lead on the competition in terms of quality.

But it’s a pretty low bar to clear at this point. And as Google transitions to instant answers, it’s destroying scores of small-scale publishers, many of whom used to contribute meaningful Adsense revenue to Google’s bottom line.

10 Ways to Drastically Improve Local Business Adwords Campaigns


Regardless of the timeline, it’s clear that if you depend on Google for a substantial portion of your traffic (and customers), you’re going to have to get better at Adwords.

Here’s a thorough guide from Whitespark on the advanced options available for local businesses.

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