The Yext IPO and the triumph of local SEO


“The global market for local listings management may be worth up to $50 billion.” That’s a preposterous figure. It assumes that all 100,000,000 businesses are willing to pay $500 annually for a specific, commoditized service. Even the 2020 $19 billion number cited by Borrell Associates is wildly inflated.

Closer to reality is that 50,000,000 businesses globally *might* be willing to pay $100/year for listings management, creating a $5 billion market. And it certainly won’t be that big in just three years.

“Local digital visibility” is a big opportunity. But there’s a big difference between that and “listings management” — a tactic which will have decreasing value over time as Google, Apple, and Facebook devour more of the internet.

Constructing the Enterprise Priority List for Local Search


Mike Blumenthal and I build the enterprise local search roadmap in our biweekly StreetFight column. Of particular importance: a rock-solid store locator, despite inevitable falling traffic to its location pages.

Home Sweet Home: Think of Your Website Like a House to Help Your Business


A terrific analogy for how all of the pieces of a small business website fit together.

Snapchat is opening itself up to advertisers of all sizes with new buying tools


Next month, Snapchat will release its ad platform to everyone. Though I’m not a Snapchat user, I’m eager to try it out, as there are usually extremely cheap, targeted impressions to be had in the early days of any ad medium.

Proud to be a Donkey: BuzzSumo Reflections on Growing a $5m SaaS Business


This article resonated, to say the least. Though I prefer the term “thoroughbred” to “donkey,” it was inspiring to read the way BuzzSumo has built its company in just under 30 months.

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