The Current State of Google Maps — Fake News, Fake Reviews


Mike Blumenthal and I continue our bi-weekly StreetFight conversation, this time focusing on Mike’s research into fake review networks.

Tips for Attracting Local Clients


I was honored to be invited by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing to a wide-ranging podcast covering everything from Google’s moves in local search to the detestable rollback of ISP privacy regulations recently passed by Congress.

What Percent of SMBs Are Willing to Pay Yext’s $500 Annual Fee?


After last week’s Minutive, Greg Sterling decided to do a little more research into the price sensitivity of small businesses around listing management services. A simple survey indicated that 34% of small busineses are willing to pay $500/year — more than double what I expected — but Greg came to market-size conclusion much closer to my $5BN global number than his initial $19BN estimate.

Local Search Ranking Factors Follow Up Q&A with Darren Shaw


An excellent companion to the expert commentary featured as part of the survey itself.

Google adds local events to search results – The Verge


Add another notch to the Knowledge Panel belt. Google will continue to own more and more local content consumption in the coming months. Interestingly, it appears in this rollout that conversion (ticket sales) will still happen on the event source property.

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