7 unannounced updates to Google My Business we’ve seen in 2017


A fantastic summary of recent changes to GMB from Joy Hawkins. Even I wasn’t aware of 4 out of the 7.

Kill Google AMP before it KILLS the web


A nicely nuanced look at the positives and negatives of AMP.

Personally, I’d love to see an optional, AMP-like stripped-down HTML standard that all publishers could implement, as I generally think AMP is good for user experience. Small businesses would stand to benefit if they didn’t have to compete on design and UX with larger, slicker brands.

But the author is right to decry the ownership of a proprietary standard by any company, especially Google.

Is Google to Blame for the Decline of Small Business in America?


Setting aside the clickbait title, the first part of the article is thought-provoking. We’ve gone from an incredibly level playing field in the early days of the 10-pack and 7-pack to one where there are really only three slots available to small businesses, and those three are increasingly going to become paid across every industry.

(Regarding the latter part of the article, I take the opposite view that attribution is a significant pain point for small businesses.)

How Google Maps could help settle the Afghanistan-Pakistan border dispute


Google Maps as the arbiter between two nuclear-armed countries? What could possibly go wrong?

I just laid the audio from the Blade Runner 2049 trailer to the new Google Assistant ad. I’m scared.


Sure, this is a little tongue-in-cheek. But AI/privacy risks from in-home devices can no longer be restricted to plotlines of dystopian sci-fi movies.

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