[Interactive] The Local Marketing Stack: A Roadmap for Small Business Marketing Decisions


This project has been an extended labor of love that I hope to refer hundreds/thousands of business owners to in coming years. I’d love any feedback/suggestions from Minutive readers.

Tidings Chrome Extension Now Available


It was a big week for Tidings — in addition to the interactive graphic above, we released a Chrome Extension that we hope makes it even easier and even faster for our customers to create authentic, engaging email newsletters!

Download it from the Chrome webstore and let me know your thoughts!

The battleground of entities & reviews


Dave Davies is out with one of the best synopses of how Google’s Knowledge Graph intersects with both Local Search and personalization.

How to rank for ‘position 0’ in 3 simple steps: A featured snippets primer


One of the original luminaries of the search industry, Stephan Spencer, has a dynamite new summary of how to take advantage of Featured Snippets.

LUMA’s State of Digital Media 2017


An interesting look at how the financial sector views digital–and especially digital marketing and digital advertising. The success (thus far) of Yext’s IPO seems to have inspired confidence despite the tightening market beyond Google and Facebook.

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