Minutive, Vol. 62: Google’s New “Posts,” Its Pathetic Review Spam Filter, and More.

Google Posts now live for all Google My Business users

Source: searchengineland.com

Google’s latest content product, (sort of) called Posts, went live last week. I’m skeptical it’ll be around for long, as it runs counter to Google’s transaction-facilitator trend and draws eyeballs away from advertisers. But for the time being, it’s a great chance for your business to take up extra SERP real estate.

Bulk Fake Reviews

Source: www.en.advertisercommunity.com

The Gmail notification screenshot shared in this forum thread shows just how pathetic (non-existent) Google’s review filter is.

​Moz Local Report: Who’s Winning Wealth Management?

Source: moz.com

It’s always remarkable to see huge companies (ahem, Morgan Stanley) invest heavily in Adwords without taking care of basic organic elements first. While I think ads are largely the future of local search, there’s still tons of uncaptured value from local organic results today, especially for enterprises.

Case Study: Sailing Company Leverages Online Reviews to Maximize Sales

Source: streetfightmag.com

The first of two really interesting case studies on StreetFight last week. They strongly dispel the myth of the un-savvy small business owner.

Favorite quote from this one: “I see a lot of SMBs and start-ups that jump into promoting via social channels like Facebook and Instagram before they even have a holistic digital marketing strategy.”

Instagram Collaboration Is Making Social Media Work for Small Businesses

Source: streetfightmag.com

Interesting idea of a local “Instagram collective” with other store owners that cross-promotes each other’s posts.

Favorite quote from this one: “Warren’s goal is to funnel those shoppers through social media to her email signup list, which for a small business is a hugely important marketing tool.”

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