Google Posts now live for all Google My Business users


Google’s latest content product, (sort of) called Posts, went live last week. I’m skeptical it’ll be around for long, as it runs counter to Google’s transaction-facilitator trend and draws eyeballs away from advertisers. But for the time being, it’s a great chance for your business to take up extra SERP real estate.

Bulk Fake Reviews


The Gmail notification screenshot shared in this forum thread shows just how pathetic (non-existent) Google’s review filter is.

​Moz Local Report: Who’s Winning Wealth Management?


It’s always remarkable to see huge companies (ahem, Morgan Stanley) invest heavily in Adwords without taking care of basic organic elements first. While I think ads are largely the future of local search, there’s still tons of uncaptured value from local organic results today, especially for enterprises.

Case Study: Sailing Company Leverages Online Reviews to Maximize Sales


The first of two really interesting case studies on StreetFight last week. They strongly dispel the myth of the un-savvy small business owner.

Favorite quote from this one: “I see a lot of SMBs and start-ups that jump into promoting via social channels like Facebook and Instagram before they even have a holistic digital marketing strategy.”

Instagram Collaboration Is Making Social Media Work for Small Businesses


Interesting idea of a local “Instagram collective” with other store owners that cross-promotes each other’s posts.

Favorite quote from this one: “Warren’s goal is to funnel those shoppers through social media to her email signup list, which for a small business is a hugely important marketing tool.”

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