One Size Does Not Fit All in the SMB Digital Market


Inspired by my vacation in rural WIsconsin a couple of weeks ago, Mike Blumenthal and I discuss the differences between marketing channels for urban business owners vs. rural ones in our latest StreetFight conversation.

The Cheap SEO Epidemic | How Much Does SEO Really Cost?


I actually came across this article from Dani Owens after learning about her excellent Citation Cheat Sheet. Longtime readers know I believe effective SEO is only going to continue to get more competitive and more expensive, and the scalable “SEO” packages offered by many companies are sending the exact wrong signal to the market.

How automation is changing the marketer’s role


I’ve sort of been feeling this article’s thesis for awhile but haven’t been able to articulate it. While we’re nowhere near it right now, I predict there will be a tipping point when marketing based on algorithms yields diminishing returns because it’s so formulaic.

Video Deep Dive: Local Search for Medical Practices


Mike Blumenthal and Mary Bowling discuss Local Search for medical practices with former Googler + current PatientPop search guru Joel Headley.

Paint by Numbers: Using Data to Produce Great Content


This piece from Russ Jones is particularly relevant to local marketers at national brands — or really any agency that is creating this kind of content. The comparison / geographic relevance hook is a strong one for getting local media coverage.

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