Google’s Product Bid for DIY Wallet Share


Mike Blumenthal and I discuss Google’s three major product rollouts in a 30-day span; Websites, Posts and now SMS messaging, in the context of their long-term play with all three: Adwords Express.

Google adds salon and spa bookings through Maps and Search


Across *every* industry, the local SERP is becoming transactional. What remains to be seen is the longevity of these initial partnerships (I’ll give them 3-4 years tops), as Google’s own position as transactional gatekeeper is essential to their long-term monetization angle.

Facebook is putting ads everywhere in hopes of finding the next News Feed


If Facebook is feeling its growth trajectory bump up against the ceiling of limited inventory, just think how Google must feel. We spend far more time in Facebook’s social media apps than we do performing Google searches, and Facebook won’t feel the inventory squeeze of Voice to nearly the same extent as Google.

Paying Professors: Inside Google’s Academic Influence Campaign


A thoroughly unsurprising story to this tin-foil hat-wearer, but I was happy to see Google’s lily white public perception get smudged a little.

Moz founder Rand Fishkin to step away from day-to-day operations, will remain chairman


Rand was one of my inspirations for getting started in the SEO industry and I’m lucky to count him as a friend. It’s bittersweet to see him leaving the company with which he was synonymous — but I’m guessing a fresh perspective for him will lead to great things next year!

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