Google to add ‘news feed’ to website and app


The latest innovation in Google’s continuing quest to keep people on Google as long as possible…the famous purity of the Google homepage is about to become dramatically less pure.

Facebook’s Self-Serve Ad Creative Can’t Be SMBs’ Only Choice


Can’t it?

Continuing a topic that Mike Blumenthal and I have discussed at length in our StreetFight column, this editorial acknowledges the impact that Facebook’s reach has on SMB marketing perceptions, but is far too skeptical of the potential of AI-driven ad campaigns from both Facebook and Adwords Express to upend a huge segment of the agency market.

Machine vs. Marketer — Who Reigns Supreme?


This case study from Unbounce speaks to exactly that point. 437 digital marketers went head-to-head with an AI model to predict which landing pages converted above or below industry averages. “You’ll never guess what happened next!”

Falling Stars: Negative Yelp Reviews Target Trump Restaurants, Hotels


Somehow I missed this story when it first came out. Included here for this hilarious Mar-a-Lago review, at a minimum:

“Very loud and distracting dinner atmosphere,” the visitor noted. “I just wanted a quiet peaceful meal, but White House staff and diplomats at the next table kept shouting out classified information.”

Microsoft launches new email marketing and invoicing tools for small businesses


An interesting play from Microsoft that seeks to integrate back-office functions with marketing, along the lines of what Square does for retail merchants. I love the direction, but as with all things Microsoft, we’ll have to see how good the execution is.

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