The Evolution of Local SERP Topography


My thoughts on how the local SERP has evolve, annotated with key milestones in Google’s business/revenue trajectory.

The Place of Newspapers in the Local Marketing Ecosystem


Despite having their ad revenue decimated by Google and Facebook over the last decade, local newspapers (in many cases) still have a brand and a position in the community that should translate to matchmaking success between local “advertisers” and customers. The first step may be to stop thinking about businesses as “advertisers,” and start thinking more holistically.

Meet the fake news of the online marketing world (that Google loves!): Review sites


3Q’s David Rodnitzky takes a look at fake facts about online marketing vendors from TopSEOs. Given the self-fulfilling link prophecy that occurs between vendors who pay for placement and backlinks from their site to their TopSEOs profile, it may be unreasonable to expect Google’s current algorithm to pick up on this junk.

Content Promotion Resources


LOVE Kane Jamison’s recent MozCon deck, and in particular the idea to target journalists and influencers with advertising your content and using the results of those audience-based campaigns to inform your direct outreach.

Small Thanks with Google


What a terrific program from Google — and very smart from a brand standpoint. These are the kinds of things Yelp should be doing to turn its brand around with its small business customers. Instead, it’s just “sell, sell, sell.”

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