Google’s new program to track shoppers sparks a federal privacy complaint


Avid Minutive readers might remember I highlighted Google’s credit-card partnership a few months back. That program has now led to a privacy complaint before a federal agency… though I’m not holding my breath on the federal government regulating one of the biggest lobbiers in Washington.

New Street Fight Report: Selling to Local Merchants


The good folks at StreetFight have garnered some solid data to back up the market fit for the small business marketing bundle Mike Blumenthal and I have advocated for the past ~year.

Who Will Serve the Low End of the Small Business Market?


Speaking of that bundle, Greg Sterling authored this thoughtful piece about ways to serve the “low end” of the market. It’s my view that market winners will integrate, in Greg’s words, “point solutions providers that can deliver very specific ‘solutions’ at very low cost at low overhead.”

Ranking your local business at Google


I’ve started a 8-part series on on best practices for local rankings at Google. Part 2 was also published last week and is available here.

Facebook shuts down robots after they invent their own language


No other way to say it — this is a pretty terrifying milestone in the lifespan of humanity.

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