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Source: blumenthals.com

Mike and I had a discussion of sorts about this post on Twitter last week. Essentially Google has given up on policing high-spam Service Area Business categories and just said “fine, we’ll use advertising budgets as our algorithm.” Needless to say, I see these kinds of ads rolling out across verticals far-and-wide over the next few years.

An interesting shift in local search behavior

Source: www.thinkwithgoogle.com

As I can’t stand the meaningless marketing term “micro-moment” I had to retitle this piece from Google for the purposes of this newsletter. Included in the article, though, are some VERY interesting statistics about the rise and fall of “near me” searches.

U.S. judge says LinkedIn cannot block startup from public profile data

Source: www.reuters.com

Very, very interesting decision, which Microsoft/LinkedIn is appealing. Opens the door for many interesting analyses and data plays from startups who can build good enough scrapers.

Facebook tests targeting ads to people who visited brands’ brick-and-mortar stores

Source: marketingland.com

Facebook now offers the kind of offline retargeting promised by Yext’s (former?) beacon program natively. We’ll see if abuse of this feature by advertisers finally gets people to disable location services for Facebook and Instagram…but I’m not holding my breath.

Ranking your local business part IV: Inbound links

Source: yoast.com

The latest in my ongoing Yoast series with a few ideas for where to look for inbound links — an essential ingredient of any local SEO strategy.

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