Tidings Agency Platform Launches

Source: tidings.com

Agencies and consultants can now whitelabel the full-featured Tidings product and provide awesome newsletters for their clients via their own branded portal.

The Fallacy of Google’s “Micro-Moment” Positioning

Source: streetfightmag.com

Mike Blumenthal and I dissect one of Google’s best-known PR gimmicks in this episode of our bi-weekly StreetFight conversation. We posit that two of Google’s largest competitors actually do a better job of addressing it — whatever “it” is” — than Google.

The 2017 Rules of Local Search

Source: www.agentsofchangecon.com

Rich Brooks of The Agents of Change was nice enough to host a podcast with me last week on how local search is changing and what you can do to stay on top of the changes.

Ranking your local business part V: Citations for local search

Source: yoast.com

My latest installment in the 8-part Yoast series on making the most of your local organic search visibility.

The Voice Playbook – Building a Marketing Plan for the Next Era in Computing

Source: moz.com

Simon Penson is out with an excellent primer on voice search. I particularly like his “conversation journey mapping” example. Also note the significant percentage of existing voice usage devoted to getting local information.

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