40% of Consumers Want Emails From Brands to Be Less Promotional

Source: www.adweek.com

Adobe Research is out with a fantastic summary of why informational newsletters are so effective: consumers want informative content delivered via email.

Researchers taught AI to write totally believable fake reviews, and the implications are terrifying

Source: www.businessinsider.com

We can scoff at the ease with which social media users are duped by fake news but these bot-written reviews are terrifyingly real. Meanwhile, consumer confidence in reviews remains sky-high: according to BrightLocal research, more than 80% trust reviews more than personal recommendations…we’ll see if that changes anytime soon.

The New ‘Location, Location, Location’ in Retail

Source: streetfightmag.com

As I tell Mike Blumenthal in our bi-weekly conversation, the new consumer (and search) paradigm favors small-scale, hyper-focused boutiques close to population centers as opposed to horizontal big box retailers on suburban commercial strips.

For the love of God, please tell me what your company does

Source: hackernoon.com

We’ve applied this kind of advice to small business websites we’ve seen at Local U events over the years…said much more nicely, of course! Looks like it applies equally well to SaaS websites.

Ranking your local business part 7: Social Signals

Source: yoast.com

The penultimate installment of my Local SEO series for Yoast is also the shortest: read on to learn more about the limited impact of social signals on local results.

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