Is Your Website Secure? You’re Running Out of Time


I predict the insecure Chrome warning will have a far bigger negative impact on small businesses than “Mobilegeddon” ever did — it has the potential to be an HTTPstrophe.

If your site isn’t served over https://, nearly 2/3 of your visitors (Chrome’s approximate market share) are going to see a warning on any non-https:// page that contains an input field. This could be something as innocuous as a newsletter signup or search bar. That’s 2/3 of ALL digital visitors, not just the ones who are searching on Google, who will (at best) lose a little trust in your business.

Read this tactical guide from Scott Hendison to help you figure out what to do this week; for those of you on WordPress, this plugin was massively helpful for our own transition to https://.

[PODCAST] How to Build the Marketing Agency of 2020


I got to talk in more than just headlines and soundbites about changes in the local search results, and the digital marketing landscape more broadly, in this wide-ranging and thoroughly enjoyable podcast with Edge of the Web.

Expert Ebook – Build A Better Business with Complaints


This excellent e-book from Aaron Weiche and Mike Blumenthal of GetFiveStars lays out how to build a better business using customer feedback and online reviews.

Google on In-Store Visits @ PlaceConf


At LSA’s 2017 Place Conference, Google’s representative explained some of the questions around location data they’re working to resolve. I suspect once they resolve them, we’ll start to see in-store visits play a significant role in organic search rankings.

Facebook ads will target people visiting physical stores


I could have sworn Facebook had released this feature already, but I guess not. As I predicted last year, Facebook and Google have largely obviated the advertising use case for beacons with their pervasive location-tracking.

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